Saturday, 19 January 2013
Review by Forest & Sandra W. the buyer (Marysville WA)
Marysville Cars For Sale
Marysville Cars For Sale:

Salesman: David Gonzalez
Overall Rating

A Review For Carson Cars…

Carson Cars peoples warm attitudes and professional knowledge made me feel like at home and the whole family (most importantly, my wife) are really happy about our choice.

Saturday, 14 July 2012
Review by Ingrid B the buyer (Marysville WA)
Auto Dealer Marysville
Auto Dealer Marysville:

Salesman: Mike Carson
Overall Rating

Carson Cars is simply FANTASTIC!!! Incredibly polite and old fashioned sales force. The whole place is incredibly clean and the sales process went quickly. We had a wonderful salesman who went above and beyond to help us pick just the right sedan for our family. Can’t imagine it having gone any better.
Ingrid B

Monday, 18 June 2012
Review by Jamie Anderson the buyer (Edmonds WA)
Used Cars Edmonds
Used Cars Edmonds:

Salesman: James Hamilton
Overall Rating

I was very surprised at how clean all the cars were. We had a storm just a night prior to me going in to look but you couldnt tell it at carson. They apparently had made sure to wash all the vehicles. We were not easy buyers because we had no idea what we wanted. We must’ve test drove at least 10 vehicles but our salesperson kept a smile on and kept going over features with us for each one. Will definitely be returning in the future.
Jamie Anderson, Marysville

Monday, 28 May 2012
Review by David Gonzalez O the buyer (Marysville WA)
Marysville Used Cars
Marysville Used Cars:

Salesman: Mike Carson
Overall Rating

I had been a long time customer of another lot. I always thought I was getting great service there! I stopped by carson cars lot after seeing a truck with aftermarket accessories that caught my eye. Even the way I was greeted there made me realize that I may have been making a mistake all these years by shopping elsewhere. I drove the truck and left since I wasn’t really in the market. I found myself stopping the next day though and being greeted by my same salesperson. We went into to talk about purchasing options, you know..just for kicks, and I found myself faced with such a good deal that I couldn’t leave it!
Mike O. Marysville, WA

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